150 Kensington Drive

Spartanburg, South Carolina 29306

Sunday: Morning Worship Service, 10:30AM

Tuesday: Youth & Young Adult Night, 7PM

Thursday: Thursday Night Teaching (TNT), 7PM

You can also join us for Weekly Telephone Prayer every Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday.


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Please support our ministry as we continue the fight

to reset & restore the family.



Price List


MP3s || $3.50 per message/sermon

CDs || $10 per message/sermon

DVDs || $20 per message/sermon


To purchase, select "PayPal" as your payment option at the end. You will be taken immediately to PayPal's website where you can either enter in your existing account information to make an immediate payment or sign up for a new account and then make your payment when your account is ready.


NOTE: All payments in PayPal should be made to tquick@plcdc.org (our PayPal account address).

You will also receive an email from us confirming your order, the products you have chosen and the total amount due. Once we have confirmed your payment from PayPal, we will process your order and send out your items as soon as possible.


MP3s will be sent as soon as confirmation of payment has been received. CDs and DVDs should arrive at the mailing address provided within 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your location.


For any questions regarding your order, please send an email to info@plcdc.org.

To watch our Sunday Worship Service live, log onto our Facebook page Sunday at 10:30AM weekly.

Find previous Sunday sermons & series messages from our Pastor on our church YouTube page.