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Our ministries here at The Promised Land seek to disciple and empower our members so that they may serve God's purpose in their lives to their fullest potential.


The ministries we currently offer at The Promised Land are heavily focused & spiritually centered on: the family, marriage, Christian education, lifestyle and community.

The Promised Land also has several auxiliary groups that members can join to serve God and His people in and outside of the church.


Auxiliary Groups


Monday - Saturday

Renewal Telephone Prayer Line at 6am

Dial 563-999-2998


Promised Place Telecast

SC Upstate - WMYA 40, 8AM


Rock Hill & Surrounding Areas SBGTV, 8:30AM


Believers Prayer, 8:30AM

Promised Land COGIC Sanctuary

199 Men Biblical Manhood Dialogues, 9AM

Promised Land COGIC Fellowship Hall

Women's Bible Study, 9AM

Promised Land COGIC Sanctuary


Morning Worship, 10:30AM

Promised Land COGIC Sanctuary


Sunshine Band & Youth Choir Rehearsal, 6:30PM

Promised Land COGIC Sanctuary 

Youth & Young Adult Night, 7PM

Promised Land COGIC Sanctuary



Prophetic Dance Rehearsal, 6PM

Promised Land COGIC Sanctuary


TNT - Thursday Night Teaching, 7PM​

Promised Land COGIC Sanctuary

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